Our workshops cater for a diverse audience; this includes athletes, organisational staff and management with the objective of fostering better relationships between different groups and imparting knowledge and raising awareness on various topics.

All of our workshops are carried out by our own expert team of chaplains and staff, who are able to call on their vast experience and knowledge.

Below are the workshops MCS provide.

a)       1-to-1 and online Islamic Educational workshops for – Athletes & their families

This is a unique service offered to sport stars and their families which allows flexible access to structured Islamic educational courses. Our courses are delivered in an interactive manner by our own qualified team of tutors and chaplains.

These courses, which are bespoke and centred on the individual’s ability and availability help our clients progress in the religious fields they hope to study. Various subjects within the Islamic faith are covered. This is a popular service which has currently attracted a number of current and retired Premier League players.

These sessions and workshops are offered on a 1-2-1 basis and via online learning. To ensure safety and privacy, all workshops take place under the highest levels of confidentiality.

b)         Workshops for academy scholars

We offer Educational workshops for scholars and minors at academy levels. Nature of workshops vary as they are all tailored and upon request.

Our workshops cater for both, Muslim & Non-Muslim children/minors.

Muslims – Many young Muslim children normally attend Islamic supplementary schools during weekday evenings, however due to training commitments they are not able to accommodate for both. For these children we offer Islamic lessons which are carried out by our chaplains and educators, that way they are able to concentrate on their chosen sport and learn about their faith at the same time, without having to sacrifice one for the other. Lack of this provision has been one of the reasons why many parents do not send their talented children to pursue a career in sport, this has been identified through our discussions with parents and backed by our research.

Non-Muslims – These workshops allow the children to understand and learn about the Islamic Faith. This also offers an opportunity to answer and clear many questions and misconceptions they may have. The objectives behind these workshops are to foster and consolidate healthy inter-faith relationships amongst athletes and staff.

c)         Islamic Awareness & Educational workshops for organisations, clubs and teams.

MCS liaises with and educates clubs and organisations through seminars, workshops etc. on pertinent issues such as Muslim dietary requirements, religious practices, prayer times, bereavement etc.

d)      Workshops on Cultural & Social adaptation for foreign Muslim athletes coming into the UK

Many athletes struggle to settle, adapt and at times to understand the norms of the new culture they may be moving into. MCS prepare and educate these athletes and their families of what it requires to be a productive Muslim in this country. Part of these workshops is explaining what British values are and the British way of life for a Muslim in the UK.

In addition, we also provide all measures required to allow the athlete and their families to settle easier by offering advice on issues such as Halaal food, nearest Mosques & Islamic Centres and responding to various other queries.


At MCS, we aim to provide bespoke solutions for organisations and individuals. Each of our services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients following initial consultation.