Our ambition and goal is to provide a service which will help sports personnel grow in confidence and feel lifted by means of moral, mental and spiritual support. By guidance from our chaplains they will be supported to achieve this and in return display it by performance. 

We, at MCS cherish the efforts that sport personnels pursue and the struggles they endure to be at the top of their profession, for this reason our moto illustrates our core value and stance which is, ‘Empowering Sports Through Faith’. To achieve this, all services carried out by our chaplains are demonstrated through integrity, professionalism, care, sensitivity and confidentiality.

To ensure our services are efficient, effective and of the highest standards, all MCS chaplains are;

  1. Qualified Scholars with in-depth knowledge of Islam
  2. Experienced in Chaplaincy/being Imaams
  3. DBS checked to ensure employment eligibility.
  4. Trained no less than three times a year by qualified Scholars, Sport Psychologists and senior Muslim Chaplains of U.K
  5. Assessed regularly
  6. Equipped with up to date information in chaplaincy, in particular Sports Chaplaincy.