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Community and Charity projects

Community outreach work and charitable projects are something we are very passionate about at MCS. We strive to work with charities within the UK & abroad, educational and sporting institutions and also supplementary schools. Our work with them includes:

  • Securely transferring of donations from athletes
  • Acquiring items for fundraising and auctions
  • Support in covering parts of any costs that may occur
  • Arranging for athletes appearances at charity events

Further, the Islamic faith emphasises greatly on charity and more so on one type which is of the obligatory form of charity and also serves as one of the 5 Pillars of the Islamic Faith.

This obligatory charity stipulates an amount, and if met with certain conditions must be given to the needy is known as Zakaat.

MCS offer a FREE consultation advising in matters pertaining to calculation and distribution of Zakaat.

Many intricate laws and rulings constitute the carrying out of this part of Faith. At MCS, as part of this service we offer:

  • Consultation – Explaining all laws and regulations relating to Zakaat
  • Calculation – Assisting in calculating amount due from the payer for current payments and/or unpaid amounts in the past.
  • Distribution – Distributing of Zakaat to our partner organisations within the UK and abroad.