About MCS

Established in 2014, Muslim Chaplains In Sport (MCS) is the first and only organisation in the country which provides a national network of Muslim Chaplains within the sporting industry.

With the entire Sporting World in mind, our services are of a holistic nature, encompassing moral, mental & spiritual care for athletes, their families, supporters and sporting organisations. By this, we aim to support the athletes on their journey to achieving sporting excellence and create an environment which allows all involved to gain a better appreciation and understanding of the Muslim faith.

Our Services

Our offerings have been setup after thorough consultation with professional athletes and key stakeholders in the World of sport leading to a set of bespoke services tailored to the modern Muslim professional athlete, and also to the wider sporting world in understanding the Muslim faith.

Below are our services, if you have any questions or would like us to support your organisation, please get in touch today.